I hate to write about one club in comparison to others, but The Laugh Factory really does complete the triangle of the Big 3 in LA (Comedy Store and Improv, being the other 2).  It feels very organized and professional without being too corporate.  It has a good mix of Big Name headliner shows along with nights when you can see 8 great comedians whose names you just might not have seen on TV (yet).  There's really not a bad seat in the house (though a few more tables would be nice).  The only thing I don't like is the lack of a bar/mingling area where audience members can interact with the performers after the show.  But that's really only a concern for groupies and nerds like me, as a normal audience member,I think the arrangement of the club makes the performers onstage feel most accessible of any in LA.  And you can often get free or discounted tickets through offers on Facebook or Twitter.

8001 Sunset Bl

Los Angeles CA

(323) 656-1336


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie