I not only go and watch and tell all you guys about the best shows around town - I WORK FOR SOME OF THEM! Here's all the awesome fun shows I have my mitts on around NYC. Sign up for my mailing list for updates, guest lists & discounts.

Stand-Up On The Spot: The Improvised Stand-Up Show - Ever wonder where comedians get their material from?  With this show, it's YOU!  This long running hit from Los Angeles migrated east.  It's the only show where you're encouraged to talk during the performance, yelling out suggestions for the comedians to riff on. Who knows, maybe you'll be the muse for a bit on their next special!

Monthly at The Stand - Dates & Tickets - Facebook - Twitter

Hot Crowd - A weekly FREE stand-up showcase featuring some of the funniest people in NYC & special guest visitors.  Plus, there's a venuzuelan food truck IN THE BAR.

Wednesdays at Over The Eight in BK - Email list - Facebook Twitter 






This Is Being Recorded - Catch headliners & hot young comics throwing down their A game for the cameras.  You could be watching the next great late night set... LIVE!

New York Comedy Club - Join My Email list for upcoming dates - Facebook - Twitter










Comedy Groupie Live - We've all heard comedians introduced as "You've seen this guy on Conan" "She plays clubs and colleges all over the country" or "He's just back from the Montreal Comedy Festival" - Who cares? What's important is that she's gonna make you laugh, right NOW! This show features only people I think are goddam hilarious.

Twice Monthly at Laughing Devil

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