November 10 - 7:30 pm - Belly Room

The only show where we won't kick you out for heckling!

Join comedians and veteran hecklers for a multimedia, interactive night of high comedy and low blows.
Roasmaster Jr Tony Hinchcliffe
Coach Willie Hunter
Remote Heckling from Earl Skakel & Mat Edgar

Sandro Iocalano
Stephanie Simbari
.. more great scheduled comics... and YOU

We'll be raffling off TWO 5 minute spots to any comedian in attendance brave enough to take the heat

Hosted by: Stretch SHP & Amy Hawthorne



AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

On Tuesday, Brent Weinbach, Kumail Nanjiani and Jackie Kashian top the lineup of Holy Fuck! at 9 pm at the Downtown Independent - it's FREE! (Info)

Wednesday Sarah Tiana and Steve Byrne are featured on Comedy Juice at the Hollywood Improv.  Last week, Bob Saget & Jeff Ross dropped in for a little musical & comedy duet, plus a speed roast of a lucky audience member.  The week before it was Daniel Tosh.  Not bad. $14 - Tickets

Thursday there's two great options - stay in Hollywood for Ari Shaffir's This Is Not Happening Presents Scawee Stowies a spooky take on the monthly storytelling show with Paul Scheer, Mike Bridenstine and Matt Braunger.  8 pm, $5 (Tickets)

Or head to the Santa Monica Promenade for Comedy Monsoon on its first time on a new night.  TJ Miller, Thai Rivera and Rell Battle are the moving men on the job.  FREE (Info)

And of course, on Friday get over to The Comedy Store for Haunted Midnights.  Paranormal EXP, ghost stories from former doormen and a tour of the haunted spots make for an awesome night at Los Angeles' most haunted property. (Tickets)

This Weekend catch Ari Shaffir, Freddy Lockhart and Tony Hinchcliffe at Comedy Store La Jolla.  Ridics.  Like totes ridics.


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

The big to-do this week is happening tonight!  What's Up Tiger Lily's 5th Anniversary with Patton Oswalt, Matt Braunger, TJ Miller, Barry Rothbart, Jonah Ray and Brody Stevens and really killer raffle prizes.  It's 8 pm and FREE (More info)

Tuesday night, head over to The Pleasure Chest in WeHo for Performance Anxiety, one of the best new shows in town.  This edition features Moshe Kasher, Ian Edwards, TJ Miller and Eli Olsberg.  8 pm only $7 for all this great comedy and FREE beer.

Wednesday head over the hill for Comedy Night at Residuals at 9 pm (Info).  Catch Ian Edwards, Danielle Stewart, Jeff Richards and more awesome comedians - all free!

Top Secret Comedy at the Hollywood Improv on Thursday  features a great lineup including Ari Shaffir, Adam Ray and Chris D'Elia.  10 pm, $14 (Tickets)

Friday night - catch a packed lineup in The Comedy Store Original Room.  On top of the amazing Paid Regulars, last week featured pop-ins by Neal Brennan and Daniel Tosh.  Billy Idol was there, why weren't you? Show starts at 9 pm (Tickets)  Then head to the Main Room for Haunted Midnights - it's even better than last year!

Saturday catch Steve Rannazzisi at The Hollywood Improv - 8 & 10 pm (Tickets).  This star of FX's The League is so funny he can get me to laugh at jokes about his kid, which is a serious accomplishment.  Bonus - The charming Chik-Fil-A expert Mark Ellis will be featuring.


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

All right, I'm skipping ahead a little because Fresh Faces at The Laugh Factory on Wednesday is freaking ridiculous! Marc Maron, Bobby Lee, Melissa Villasenor, Brent Weinbach and Anrew Santino are all on the lineup, so there's really no reason for you NOT to go.  10 pm, $15 (Tickets)

Okay, now let's back it up to today - Monday night, park yourself in the Comedy Store Belly Room. Starting at 7:30 for the Comedy Central Showcase featuring some great comedians, including the Store's own Sarah Tiana, Steve Simeone & Brady Matthews.  Then stick around for the Store's longest-running show - the always unbelievable and unpredictable Dig Dong Show. Both are FREE!!

Tuesday head over the the Hollywood Improv at 10 pm for Hot Comedy Action with Theo Von and Josh Adam Meyers. $14 (Tickets)

Thursday night, do something you can feel good about and head to Red Rock Bar at 8:30 for the Red Rock Cares Show (Info).  Help out the Much Love Animal Rescue while laughing at some funny young pups like Stretch SHP, Steph Simbari, Paul Palmeri and headliner Jason Collings.

Friday night go retro spooky with the 2011 premier of Haunted Midnights at the Comedy Store.  Step back in time to when the most haunted property in LA was Ciro's nightclub for a night of magic, ghost hunting and more screams than laughs. $15 (Tickets)

Saturday get naughty at The Viper Room with The Naughty Show.  Sam Tripoli & Jayson Thibault hack an amazing show with hot mamas and hot comedy from Annemarie Davis, Kayle Page, Bunny Fever, and Chris D'Elia.  If you don't know which is which on that list, come get edumacated.  8 pm (Info)

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

It's that time again - time for MY show Snake Pit Comedy at the Viper Room.  Only $5 at the door gets you a great show with Amy Dresner, Danielle Stewart, Jerrod Carmichael & Dan Madonia (among others).  Plus you can wander upstairs afterward and catch the rock show.  Wednesday the 21st at 8:30 pm.

Tonight check out the SXSW Showcase at Meltdown Comics with Tom Segura, Jonah Ray and MC Mr Napkins. 8:30 pm, $8 (Tickets)

Tuesday get more SXSW action at the Improv Lab at 7 pm (Tickets) this round features Brent Weinbach, Josh Comers & Matt Champagne.

Thursday is the next edition of Ari Shaffir's awesome This Is Not Happening (Tickets) at 8 pm.  Bobcat Goldthwait, Joey Coco Diaz, Steve Simeone, Todd Glass & Margaret Cho will all tell long-form (funny) stories from their childhood.  8 pm.

Friday Jim Bruer kicks off his weekend run at Brea Improv (Tickets)

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie
Yep!  The first time around went so well, the Viper Room let us delinquents back in.  Stretch SHP, Talia Harari & I have put together another great lineup of bad-ass comedians that give new meaning to the phrase "rock the mic"
Only $5 gets you all this comedy goodness - plus you can check out the show upstairs afterward! There's even drink specials & a great DJ.

Doors at 8:30.


Amy Dresner
Danielle Stewart
Jerrod Carmichael
Dan Madonia
Doug Fager 
Max Silverstein
Stretch SHP
Talia Harari

And Host Amy Hawthorne (that's me!)
See you there!
AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Yep, been a couple weeks, thanks flu season!

Monday, Sept 12 As always, your best bets are The Ding Dong Show in the Belly Room of the Comedy Store at 10 pm and Comedy Monsoon in Santa Monica (Info) at 8 pm.  This week, Monsoon has Joe Matarese, a great NY-based comic who you might have seen on Cheslea Lately, plus Theo Von & Francisco Ramos. Both are FREE!

Tuesday, Sept 13 - Head to the Hollywood Improv for a live taping of Jay Mohr's podcast Mohr Stories at 7:30 pm (Tickets) with Jeff Garlin.  Pretty fucking rad.

Wednesday, Sept 14 - Over the hill to Comedy Night at Residuals at 9 pm in Studio City (Info) - Nick Youssef and Brent Morin head a great lineup (including me!).

Thursday, Spet 15 - Stay out on a school night for Late Night Rumble at the Comedy Store.  Free entry after midnight if you say "Don Barris", Specials on PBR & Mojitos, plus some of the most balls-out comedy you'll ever see from guys like Sam Tripoli, Mack Lindsay, Mat Edgar and Eleanor Kerrigan. (Update:  This week, we got Nick Youssef, Mack Lindsay, Mat Edgar, Don Barris & more!)

Friday, Sept 16 - Battle of The Sexes returns to Flappers at 9 pm (Info) With Amy Dresner and Mike Muratore at the head of the fight card, I'd expect blood.

Saturday, Sept 17 -  Wow, so soon!  The Walsh Brothers Show at UCB (Info) All the usual hilarity, plus Bill Burr!


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Okay, day late, dollar short. yadda yadda. I mean, you can pretty much bet I'm picking Comedy Monsoon and The Ding Dong Show for mondays, so that's my excuse. And I'm sticking to it.

Tuesday, August 23 - Check out Holy Fuck! with the amazing Duncan Trussell, plus Jon Huck and Josh Adam Meyers. 9 pm at the Downtown Independent. (More info)

Wednesday, August 24 - More comedy coming to the Strip!  Comedy RoxStars at On The Rox (More info) is something a little different - comedians like Sam Tripoli, Dan Madonia and the Walsh Brothers team up for more long-form rock n roll storytelling.  Plus the amazing DJ High Voltage spinning.

Thursday, August 25 The awesome Gene Pompa is at the Brea Improv (Tickets).  Nuff Said.

Friday, August 26 - It's Naughty Show time again!  This time, Sam Tripoli & the gang are taking over Club Voyeur (Tickets), which means it's probably going to be the rowdiest, raunchiest most amazing show yet.  Buy your tickets now.  Like, right now.

Saturday, August 27 - And another monthly favorite of mine - The Walsh Brothers Show at UCB (More Info)  This weird and wonderful midnight show mixes stand-up, sketch, video, dogs, ponies, beer, sugar, spice and everything nice.  It's always a treat to experience.


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

 Some weeks are easy - every night there's one show that's such a standout, it has to be the pick.  Some weeks are hard - there are about a thousand awesome shows all on the same night.  This is the second kind of week.

So, I'm going to say, save up all your laughter for Wednesday, August 17 and try to hit one (or all) of these shows:

First off, there's MY show - Snake Pit Comedy at the Viper Room.  8:00 pm, $5 at the door (sorry no guest list).  It's downstairs in the lounge, come out, have some drinks and laugh with Jason Gillearn, Jayson Thibault & Skippy Simon.  It's raunchy rock n roll comedy at its best! (More Info)

And then it's the triumphant return of The Mostly Normal Show with Eric Gruber & Carlos Herrera at the Improv Lab (Info)  The multimedia extravaganza returns with Nick Kroll, Joe King and Jacob Sirof.  Catching joke thieves, someone flashing their junk over skype, who knows what'll happen this time.

And on the other side of town there's Venice Underground Comedy with Eddie Ifft, Eleanor Kerrigan, Lauren Ashley Bishop and Benji Aflalo. (Info)  Honestly, if I wasn't running a show that night, that's where I'd be.


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

The next couple of weeks are going to be a LOT of fun - there are so many great shows in so many nooks and corners.  Here's the top picks for this week:

Monday, August 8 - My Monday's are pretty much locked and loaded every week.  Comedy Monsoon (Info) continues to pack kickass lineups in front of great crowds.  Then back to Hollywood for the always entertaining Ding Dong Show in the Belly Room of the Comedy Store.

Tuesday, August 9 - The now weekly Holy Fuck! (Info) continues to be another one of the best shows around town.  This week headliner Ari Shaffir is joined by a great lineup including Dave Ross & Jacob Sirof.

Wednesday, August 10 - I have been looking forward to The Birthday Roast of Rell Battle (Info) ever since we talked him into it a few weeks back.  Some of the funniest guys around town, who happen to be his great friends will be skewering him.  Roastmaster Colonel Tony Hinchliffe leads the dais of Byron Bowers, John Tomashefsky, Justine Marino, Jerrod Carmichael, Benji Aflalo, Angelo Bowers, Yassir Lester, Robby Slowik, Paul Palmeri and Sandro Iocalano.  8:30 pm at Red Rock in West Hollywood. (Event Info)

Thursday, August 11 - You guys know I love Comedy Basketball.  The league champion Improv team - Nick Hoff, Fahim Anwar, Dan Madonia, Willie Hunter, Sandy Danto and the rest of the squad will make you laugh with mic skills that equal their court skills.  We Are The Champions - 10 pm at the Improv (Info and Guest List)

And if you need a comedy appetizer, check out Jerrod Charmichael, Jonny Loquasto, Jimmy Talarico and ME on The Awesomeness Show at Red Rock Bar at 9 pm.

Friday, August 12 - Kevin Nealon kicks off his weekend stand at the Irvine Improv. (Tickets)

Saturday, Aug 13 - Check out Late Night Rumble (Info) at The Comedy Store. This rocking, crazy, wild party kicks off at midnight and doesn't stop until the Barris/Kenedy + Overdrives has finished rocking you one more time.  Happy Hour specials and FREE entry when you say "DON BARRIS" at the door.

Sunday, August 14 - Check out Skinny Sundays at the Hollywood Improv.  GREAT lineups, as always, this week with BOTH Marc Maron AND TJ Miller.  (Info)



AuthorThe Comedy Groupie
This weekend Bill Burr is at the Irvine Improv Thu-Sat (Tickets)... which probably means he's gonna be popping in to Comedy Juice on Wednesday at the Hollywood Improv (Tickets)... look, I'm not promising anything, but Juice is a great show to begin with and features the hilarious Bryan Callen.


Tonight, the Monday staple The Ding Dong Show is on at 10:30 pm in the Belly Room of the Comedy Store.  It's free, it's crazy, it's unbelievable.


On Thursday, catch Ryan Sickler, Mo Mandel, Carlos Herrera at Wide Open Comedy at Sal's Comedy Hole.  It's free and there are surprise special guests lined up.


Saturday, catch Mack Lindsay's Darkest Hour in the Belly Rom of teh Comedy Store (Info) - two of my favorites - Ed Greer and Pam Walt - will be on hand to bring you edgy and insightful comedy that will make you think and maybe gasp.
AuthorThe Comedy Groupie
Tuesday, July 12 - Adam Ray and Mark Serritella bring a great lineup to Top Secret Comedy at the Hollywood Improv - Adam Devine, Brendon Walsh, Laurie Kilmartin, Al Madrigal and host Joe King.  10 pm, $14 (Tickets)


Wednesday, July 13 - Jackie Kashian, TJ Miller and Barry Rothbart are on the bill at the always-amazing Meltdown Show at Meltdown Comics. 8:30 pm, $8 (Tickets)


Thursday, July 14 - The Improv Lab hosts Merrill David & Friends with Jackie Kashian, Mark Ellis, John Dore and a whole lot more. 8:30 pm, $5 (Tickets)


Friday, July 15th - It's Battle of the Sexes time again at Flappers Burbank.  Ryan Leach is out of town so Dave Swan is joined by cohost Leslie Watkins as 4 ladies including Kimberly Clark & Jackie Jones take on four dudes including Munch and Stretch. 9:30 pm, $10 (Tickets)


Saturday, July 16th - Join Willie Hunter for The Willie Hunter Show in the Belly Room at the Comedy Store.  Chelsea Peretti, Erik Griffin, Jerrod Charmichael and Angelo Bowers all join Willie on this new chat/stand-up show.  10:30 pm, $5 (Tickets)
AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Not a bad week - lot's of things happening all over town, different styles of shows and everyone from grinders to superstars.  If there's not something on this list you like, you should never leave your house again.

Monday, June 20 - This fledgling show is rocking packed houses and great comedians already.  This week's Comedy Monsoon (More Info) features Mo Mandel, Earl Skakel, Rell Battle and whole lot more.  And it's FREE plus beer & wine specials.  8:00 pm at Monsoon Cafe 1212 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica.

Tuesday, June 21 - Check out The Rant (More Info) at the Palms Bar in WeHo.  A gaggle of comics, including Danielle Stewart, Eleanor Kerrigan, Tammy Jo Dearen and Jimmy Talarico get on the mic for 4 minutes of rambling, raving ranting.  Hilarious.  8:30 pm

Wednesday, June 22 - Head over the hill to Comedy Night at Residuals (More info) in Studio City.  This Red Sox Nation haunt now offers great comedy on a monthly basis.  You might not recognize the names on the show - Brian Moses, Pal Palmeri, Robby Slowik and more - but I do, and I can tell you they are fantastic.

Thursday, June 23 - One of my monthly favorites - Ari Shaffir's  This Is Not Happening (Tickets) gives incredible comedians the chance to tell more long-form stories.  This month, it's all about family with Bill Burr, Joey CoCo Diaz and more.  8 pm at the Hollywood Improv - only $5!

Friday, June 24 - Hit up The Comedy Store!  The Original Room show (Tickets) features 16 national headliners and Friday night lineups are always killer.  Plus, there's Friday Night Live! upstairs in the Belly Room, which showcases young talent, sprinkled with Comedy Store up-and-comers and superstar drop-ins.

Saturday, June 25

Okay, I couldn't pick just one, which is fine because you can catch BOTH of these great shows without breaking a sweat.

Eddie Ifft at the Hollywood Improv (Tickets) 8 & 10 pm.  This guy kills me every time I see him onstage, or on his podcast - Talkin Shit with Jim & Eddie (warning: insanely catchy theme song).

Walsh Brothers Show at UCB (More Info) Midnight.  Crazy characters, funny videos, silly games and free beer thrown at you don't even begin to describe this awesome show.  Check it out.



AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

So, Jeff Garlin is gearing up for his next hour long special and lucky audiences all over LA get to see a preview of it this week!

Monday, June 13 - Garlin will be at Meltdown Comics at 8 pm, Tickets are $10.

Thursday, June 16 - Garlin will be in the Belly Room at The Comedy Store at 8 pm for only $5! (Tickets)


The rest of the week isn't too shabby either!

Tuesday, June 14 - Kumail Nanjiani and James Adomian head a stellar lineup for Holy Fuck at the Downtown Independent - 9 pm and it's FREE! (More Info)

Wednesday, June 15 - Episode 2 of Season 2 of The Mostly Normal Show at 10 pm at the Improv Comedy Lab.  How do you top the Joke Thief Saga?  With Clownvis Presley of course!  Plus a great lineup and the usual A/V fun.  Tickets are only $5.

Friday, June 17 - Brian Posehn kicks off a weekend stand at the Hollywood Improv (Tickets)

Saturday, June 18 - One of my favorite shows to check out - Mack Lindsay's Darkest Hour brings together comedians who aren't just talking about airline food.  Dark, gritty and often amazing, it's something you have to try at least once. 10:30 pm in the Belly Room of the Comedy Store (More Info)

Blatant Self Promotion

I'll be squaring off against Jimmy Talarico at Battle of the Sexes at Flappers Burbank on Friday at 9:30 pm.  6 other funny guys and gals as well, including Mark Ellis and Taylor Collins. (Tickets)



AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

June Gloom is starting to set in, so break your funk with some awesome comedy

Monday, June 6 - Nick Hoff & Robby Slowik present the first outing of Comedy Monsoon at the Monsoon Cafe in Santa Monica.  A solid lineup with Nick, Robby, Robbie Pickard and Mark Ellis - and it's free! 8:30 pm.

Tuesday, June 7 - Paul Palmeri's sophomore turn at the helm of Lower Crust Comedy at Genghis Cohen continues to be an amazing showcase for folks with chops that you'll want to say "I remember seeing that guy in a weird Chinese restaurant before he was famous" - Josh Adam Meyers, Esther Povitzky, Seamus Reed and the dumb-faced Snooki hater Nick Petrillo. 9 pm.

Wednesday, June 8 - A GREAT night to hit the Hollywood Improv - the 8 pm show features headliner Chris D'Elia (Tickets), then there's the always amazing Comedy Juice (Tickets) at 10 pm.

Tursday, June 9 - It's finally here! Mike Vinn's CD Release Party at teh Comedy Store La Jolla.  Enjoy comedy from the man, himself, as well as the great talent of the Best of San Diego.

Friday, June 10 - Friday Night Live (Tickets) is always a great show packed with developing talent from the Comedy Store like Tony Hinchcliffe, Mat Edgar & Angelo Bowers.  This Friday is extra special because it's Uncle Rus's Birthday!!

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

May Comedy Guide

Oh man, I am getting bad at getting this up at the top of the month, sorry guys!

First some...

Blatant Self Promotion!

I started a podcast guys!  It's called What's Your Problem and deals with the many, many personal and professional problems comedians face.  I'll be recording LIVE from Red Rock Bar & Grill on Tuesday May 24th at 8 pm.

The SHP Show

My Barbara Gordon - Amy Hawthorne - will be performing on the SHP Show at Red Rock on Wednesday May 25th - 7:30 pm.  The Headliner is Chris Franjola and features the very funny Zane Helberg, Max Silverstein and Rell Battle.  It's FREE!

ok, now on to the unbiased stuff!




May Highlights 


A group of people (telling jokes)

Tuesday, May 17 - 10:30 pm -  $5 (Tickets)

Hollywood Improv Lab

It's a Bay Area invasion with Fernando Soltero, Robby Cole, Mary Van Note, Sammy Obeid and Brendan Lynch.  If you want to see some folks you probably haven't had the chance to see around town that much yet, this is a great show for you to check out.


Wide Open Comedy

Thursday, May 19  - 9:00pm - $5 (More Info)

Sal's Comedy Hole

Jimmy Talarico's wild and wacky ride of a show is back with Mack Lindsay, Jason Gillearn, Chris Neff and more!  It generally devolves into a strange comedy orgy - almost verging on a sexual one, so if that's your thing, this is your night.




Walsh Brothers Show

Saturday, May 28 - Midnight - $5 (More Info)


Man, I love these guys and this show.  Even though you're packed in the tight little UCB box, you'll have a great time with this crazy wacky mix of stand-up, characters, sketches and general mayhem.  Go.





Everyday Awesomeness


There's great comedy every day, check out these regular shows and great performers

The Ding Dong Show

Mondays, 10:30 pm - FREE

The Comedy Store - Belly Room

Since returning from its hiatus, the Ding Dong Show has been better than ever.  It's packing the house and even inspired Mack Lindsay to use his 15 minute potluck set to explain just how amazing it is to the audience members.  If you haven't seen it, come this week!  You'll never regret it.


Meltdown Show

Wednesdays 8:30 pm - $8

Meltdown Comics - 7522 Sunset (at Gardner) -

Nerd alert! Smart comedy from funny folks like Moshe Kasher, Kyle Kinane, Jackie Kashian, Rob Delaney and hosts Kumail Nanjiani and Jonah Ray. Hey, it's in the back of a comic book shop, what did you expect?

Comedy Juice at the Improv

Wednesdays, 10 pm - $14

Stellar lineup every week & bustling post-show bar scene. What to I mean by “stellar”? Well, how about Doug Benson, Joe Rogan, Bryan Callen, Nick Kroll, and Jeffrey Ross.

Potluck at The Comedy Store

Sunday & Mondays 7 pm – Free before 9

40 comics in one night? Yep, that's right. Starting at 7 pm with an open mic, followed by two hours of young comics doing 3 minute sets and ending with hours of pop-ins from folks like Ari Shaffir, Nick Youssef, Natasha Leggero, and Leslie Jones




AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Sorry guys, I'm suffering a LaBove/Stanhope/Fiesta Hermosa/David Taylor BBQ hangover... so this week I'm just hanging with my crew, but if you want to come see shows with great comedians AND the people I choose to spend all my time with, check these out:

Tuesday, May 31 -  Comedy Therapy at the Blu Monkey Bar - 8 pm FREE - Pamela Walt & Nick Smith host a great lineup including Casey Blasham, Matt Champagne & Kumail Nanjiani.

Thursday, June 2

PNW Comedy at The Pig n Whistle - 7:30 pm - hey, I'm on this show!

The Awesomeness Comedy Show at Red Rock - 9 pm - Michael Amico has a killer lineup of cool people, though I don't actually remember who.  But it was so awesome, i didn't need to remember their names.

Wide Open Comedy at Sal's Comedy Hole - 9 pm - $5 - Jimmy Talarico's got Eleanor Kerrigan, Erik Griffin, Casey Balsham and Stretch SHP on teh bill, plus there's always special drop-ins.



AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Doug Stanhope at The Comedy Store -  Thursday, 8:30 pm - $25 (Tickets)  I can not believe there are still tickets left for the Thu show.  Friday's sold out so order now!!

Just because I can't stop talking about it, this has been an amazing week of watching comedy for me.  Not only did I get to see Carl LaBove in La Jolla on Saturday, but I get to see Stanhope this weekend.  Legends Week.


If you missed out on tickets or want more comedy the other nights, here are some more picks:

Monday, May 23 - My perennial Monday pick - The Ding Dong Show!  Every week is something different and amazing, there's no way to do it justice in text.  Just go.

Tuesday, May 24 - Head over the Hill to catch The Goddamn Comedy JAM with Josh Adam Meyers, Faceballs, Adam Devine, Yassir Lester, Justine Marino, Johnny Skourtis, JC Coccoli & more!  Mareka Live, 9 pm  (More Info).

If you wanna stay Strip-side come out to the first LIVE taping of my podcast What's Your Problem? at Red Rock Bar, 8 pm FREE (More Info).  Danielle Stewart and Casey Balsham will be talking about the joys and burdens of doing comedy when you own a vagina.

Wednesday, May 25 - Look, I tell you this site is biased and here's where it really comes out -  The SHP Show not only has headliner Chris Franjola, but four very funny young comedians who I adore onstage and off - Rell Battle, Zane Helberg, Max Silverstein and me!!  Red Rock Bar, 7:30 pm - FREE (More Info)

Saturday, May 28 - If a show gets me out to stand in the annoying UCB line, you know it's gotta be a good one.  The Walsh Brothers Show is always an amazing, rowdy, absurd great time.  UCB, midnight - $5 (Tickets).




AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Sorry I slacked off last week, but I'm back on the case so you don't have to wander aimlessly through a sea of crappy comedy!


Monday, May 16 - Potluck (7 pm) & The Ding Dong Show (10:30 pm) at the Comedy Store.  It's kind of fitting that The Ding Dong Show happens on Potluck night - since you never know what to expect from either of them.  Check out Potluck to see everything from stupendously bad open mikers to superstar pop-in's like Jeffrey Ross and Jeff Garlin.  Then head to the Belly Room for the most surreal and innovating piece of comedy theater around.

Tuesday, May 17 - Holy Fuck at the Downtown Independent - 9 pm - FREE!  Todd Glass headlines this installment, with a little help from some great comedians like Lauren Ashley Bishop, Ron Babcock and Dave Ross.

Wednesday, May 18 - The Mostly Normal Show at the Improv Lab - 10:00 pm - $5 (Tickets)  Eric Gruber & Carlos Herrera are back with their multimedia talk show.  Did you miss the amazing Joke Thief Sting last time out?  Never fear, they got it all on tape and you can watch it this time around.  Plus, great sets from Sam Tripoli, Nick Youssef, Jayson Thibault, Sandy Danto and more

Thursday, May 19 - Sam Tripoli at the Improv Hollywood - 10 pm - $14 (Tickets)  One of my all time faves, Sam Tripoli, headlines with an amazing lineup - Ari Shaffif, Jayson Thibault, Jacob Sirof, Christina Pazitzky and more!  If you don't go see the show, you won't be prepared for the coming Zombie Apocalypse.

Friday, May 20 - Battle of the Sexes at Flappers Burbank - 9:30 pm - $10 (Tickets) Tony Hinchcliffe vs Melissa Villasenor, Josh Adam Meyers vs Brittany Furlan, plus Jade Catta Preta and more!

 Weekend Comedy Road Trip!  The legendary Carl LaBove headlines Comedy Store La Jolla all weekend, with the hilarious Freddy Lockhart & Matt Knost.  That's a lot of bang for your buck - you pretty much get two headliners supporting an uber-headliner.  Get your tickets!

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie