And we all made it through St Patrick's Day with our livers (if not our dignity) intact.  The most embarrassing thing I did this weekend way buy "Number One Hits of the '90s" and I hope you can say the same.  So, now let's get back to laughing.

Tuesday, March 18 - Holy fuck, it's Pete Holmes at Holy Fuck! And there's some other people on the show, but what does it matter when Pete Holmes is there?  No, really, it's the standard strong HF lineup and no disrespect to them, just, c'mon.  Pete Holmes.  The Downtown Independent, 9 pm FREE (info)

Wednesday, March 19 - Usually, Wednesday is pretty much "Meltdown or Comedy Juice?" and there is a pretty sweet Nerdist Presents at the Meltdown.  Buuuut, for bang for your buck, I have to recommend dark horse MTV Comedy Showcase at the Laugh Factory. Kevin Christy, Tony Hinchcliffe, Ron Funches, Barabra Gray and more awesome folks.  8 pm, $15 (Tix)

Thursday, March 20 - The Super Serious Show is rocking with Tom Segura, Reggie Watts, Ian Edwards and The Walsh Brothers. Not to mention the usual music, food truck and free wine & beer.  Cafe Fais Do Do, 7 pm/8pm, $10 (Tix)

Friday, March 21 - So, for Friday, I'm going to recommend something different - go support one of the small clubs scattered around outside the shadow of the Big Three.  So, take your pick:

Jon Huck at Garrett Morris' Downtown Blues & Comedy Club. A rowdy, fun comedy show, backed by a blues band.  9 pm, $20 (tix)

Christina Pazsitsky at Flapper's Burbank.  Catch a real road headlining set from the co-host of Your Mom's House it the kitschy-beautiful '20s themed showroom. 8 pm, $20 (tix)

Eddie Ifft at The Ice House in Pasadena.  A sweet-ass comedy club tucked into downtown Pasadena.  They're so sweet, they want to warn you Eddie is R-Rated. 8:30 pm, $17.50 (Tix)

Saturday, March 22 - The Sklar Brothers headline The Hollywood Improv at 8 & 10 pm along with Kyle Dunnigan, Jen Murphy and Jerrod Carmichael. $20 (tix)

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