Picks of the Week are Back!  Like the McRib, Picks of the Week disappeared for about a year for obscure, shadowy reasons.  And just like the McRib is back, so are POTW!  Have you missed me?  Did you wonder where the hell to go see great comedy during 2012?  Well, I'm so sorry to have abandoned you, my lovelies.  In honor of Valentines Day, here's my love letter to comedy & all of you.

Monday, February 11 - The lovely and multitalented Melissa Villasenor's one person show Melissa! has characters, music and comedy and is sure to be charming & entertaining.  Steve Allen Theater, 8 pm, $10.

Tuesday, February 12 - Holy Fuck!  Just off a series of great album recordings, this downtown mainstay isn't resting on its laurels.  This week features Byron Bowers, Dan St Germain and, of course, founder Dave Ross (btw, check out his recent appearance on The CrabFeast, it's awesome!).  The Downtown Independent, 9 pm, FREE.

Wednesday, February 13 - Dot Comedy has a super strong lineup, staying true to its goal to bring "alt" comedy to the club, Chris D'Elia, Moshe Kasher, Andrew Santino, Dave Ross and Goatface's Hasan Minaj.  Laugh Factory, 10 pm, $17 online/$20 at the door (2 drink min)

Thursday, February 14 - Happily coupled, superly single or bitterly cursing Hallmark today?  There'll be something for whatever your situation is at Improvided Stand-Up with Ari Shaffir, Neal Brennan, Theo Von, Rick Glassman and more.  The Little Modern Theater, 7:45 pm, $8.

Friday, February 15 - I love him, and here's your chance to fall in love with Andrew Santino, too!  He's headlining the early show at the Improv.  8 pm, $18.

Saturday, February 16 - Aw c'mon, it's pretty hard to beat Saturday night in the Main Room. 14 amazing comedians doing 15 minute sets, and the legendary "Kinison set" to end the night - one comedian with the freedom to just keep going until he's walked the entire room. 9 pm, $20.

Sunday, February 17 - Hey Buddy takes its sophomore outing seriously with Bobcat Goldthwait, Steve Agee, Chelsea Peretti and Kyle Kinane.  Bootleg Bar, 7:30 pm, FREE.

Whew, well, that should be enough to keep you kids out of trouble for one week, right?



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