Okay, day late, dollar short. yadda yadda. I mean, you can pretty much bet I'm picking Comedy Monsoon and The Ding Dong Show for mondays, so that's my excuse. And I'm sticking to it.

Tuesday, August 23 - Check out Holy Fuck! with the amazing Duncan Trussell, plus Jon Huck and Josh Adam Meyers. 9 pm at the Downtown Independent. (More info)

Wednesday, August 24 - More comedy coming to the Strip!  Comedy RoxStars at On The Rox (More info) is something a little different - comedians like Sam Tripoli, Dan Madonia and the Walsh Brothers team up for more long-form rock n roll storytelling.  Plus the amazing DJ High Voltage spinning.

Thursday, August 25 The awesome Gene Pompa is at the Brea Improv (Tickets).  Nuff Said.

Friday, August 26 - It's Naughty Show time again!  This time, Sam Tripoli & the gang are taking over Club Voyeur (Tickets), which means it's probably going to be the rowdiest, raunchiest most amazing show yet.  Buy your tickets now.  Like, right now.

Saturday, August 27 - And another monthly favorite of mine - The Walsh Brothers Show at UCB (More Info)  This weird and wonderful midnight show mixes stand-up, sketch, video, dogs, ponies, beer, sugar, spice and everything nice.  It's always a treat to experience.


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