Some weeks are easy - every night there's one show that's such a standout, it has to be the pick.  Some weeks are hard - there are about a thousand awesome shows all on the same night.  This is the second kind of week.

So, I'm going to say, save up all your laughter for Wednesday, August 17 and try to hit one (or all) of these shows:

First off, there's MY show - Snake Pit Comedy at the Viper Room.  8:00 pm, $5 at the door (sorry no guest list).  It's downstairs in the lounge, come out, have some drinks and laugh with Jason Gillearn, Jayson Thibault & Skippy Simon.  It's raunchy rock n roll comedy at its best! (More Info)

And then it's the triumphant return of The Mostly Normal Show with Eric Gruber & Carlos Herrera at the Improv Lab (Info)  The multimedia extravaganza returns with Nick Kroll, Joe King and Jacob Sirof.  Catching joke thieves, someone flashing their junk over skype, who knows what'll happen this time.

And on the other side of town there's Venice Underground Comedy with Eddie Ifft, Eleanor Kerrigan, Lauren Ashley Bishop and Benji Aflalo. (Info)  Honestly, if I wasn't running a show that night, that's where I'd be.


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie