Tuesday, July 12 - Adam Ray and Mark Serritella bring a great lineup to Top Secret Comedy at the Hollywood Improv - Adam Devine, Brendon Walsh, Laurie Kilmartin, Al Madrigal and host Joe King.  10 pm, $14 (Tickets)


Wednesday, July 13 - Jackie Kashian, TJ Miller and Barry Rothbart are on the bill at the always-amazing Meltdown Show at Meltdown Comics. 8:30 pm, $8 (Tickets)


Thursday, July 14 - The Improv Lab hosts Merrill David & Friends with Jackie Kashian, Mark Ellis, John Dore and a whole lot more. 8:30 pm, $5 (Tickets)


Friday, July 15th - It's Battle of the Sexes time again at Flappers Burbank.  Ryan Leach is out of town so Dave Swan is joined by cohost Leslie Watkins as 4 ladies including Kimberly Clark & Jackie Jones take on four dudes including Munch and Stretch. 9:30 pm, $10 (Tickets)


Saturday, July 16th - Join Willie Hunter for The Willie Hunter Show in the Belly Room at the Comedy Store.  Chelsea Peretti, Erik Griffin, Jerrod Charmichael and Angelo Bowers all join Willie on this new chat/stand-up show.  10:30 pm, $5 (Tickets)
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