Not a bad week - lot's of things happening all over town, different styles of shows and everyone from grinders to superstars.  If there's not something on this list you like, you should never leave your house again.

Monday, June 20 - This fledgling show is rocking packed houses and great comedians already.  This week's Comedy Monsoon (More Info) features Mo Mandel, Earl Skakel, Rell Battle and whole lot more.  And it's FREE plus beer & wine specials.  8:00 pm at Monsoon Cafe 1212 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica.

Tuesday, June 21 - Check out The Rant (More Info) at the Palms Bar in WeHo.  A gaggle of comics, including Danielle Stewart, Eleanor Kerrigan, Tammy Jo Dearen and Jimmy Talarico get on the mic for 4 minutes of rambling, raving ranting.  Hilarious.  8:30 pm

Wednesday, June 22 - Head over the hill to Comedy Night at Residuals (More info) in Studio City.  This Red Sox Nation haunt now offers great comedy on a monthly basis.  You might not recognize the names on the show - Brian Moses, Pal Palmeri, Robby Slowik and more - but I do, and I can tell you they are fantastic.

Thursday, June 23 - One of my monthly favorites - Ari Shaffir's  This Is Not Happening (Tickets) gives incredible comedians the chance to tell more long-form stories.  This month, it's all about family with Bill Burr, Joey CoCo Diaz and more.  8 pm at the Hollywood Improv - only $5!

Friday, June 24 - Hit up The Comedy Store!  The Original Room show (Tickets) features 16 national headliners and Friday night lineups are always killer.  Plus, there's Friday Night Live! upstairs in the Belly Room, which showcases young talent, sprinkled with Comedy Store up-and-comers and superstar drop-ins.

Saturday, June 25

Okay, I couldn't pick just one, which is fine because you can catch BOTH of these great shows without breaking a sweat.

Eddie Ifft at the Hollywood Improv (Tickets) 8 & 10 pm.  This guy kills me every time I see him onstage, or on his podcast - Talkin Shit with Jim & Eddie (warning: insanely catchy theme song).

Walsh Brothers Show at UCB (More Info) Midnight.  Crazy characters, funny videos, silly games and free beer thrown at you don't even begin to describe this awesome show.  Check it out.



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