Sorry I slacked off last week, but I'm back on the case so you don't have to wander aimlessly through a sea of crappy comedy!


Monday, May 16 - Potluck (7 pm) & The Ding Dong Show (10:30 pm) at the Comedy Store.  It's kind of fitting that The Ding Dong Show happens on Potluck night - since you never know what to expect from either of them.  Check out Potluck to see everything from stupendously bad open mikers to superstar pop-in's like Jeffrey Ross and Jeff Garlin.  Then head to the Belly Room for the most surreal and innovating piece of comedy theater around.

Tuesday, May 17 - Holy Fuck at the Downtown Independent - 9 pm - FREE!  Todd Glass headlines this installment, with a little help from some great comedians like Lauren Ashley Bishop, Ron Babcock and Dave Ross.

Wednesday, May 18 - The Mostly Normal Show at the Improv Lab - 10:00 pm - $5 (Tickets)  Eric Gruber & Carlos Herrera are back with their multimedia talk show.  Did you miss the amazing Joke Thief Sting last time out?  Never fear, they got it all on tape and you can watch it this time around.  Plus, great sets from Sam Tripoli, Nick Youssef, Jayson Thibault, Sandy Danto and more

Thursday, May 19 - Sam Tripoli at the Improv Hollywood - 10 pm - $14 (Tickets)  One of my all time faves, Sam Tripoli, headlines with an amazing lineup - Ari Shaffif, Jayson Thibault, Jacob Sirof, Christina Pazitzky and more!  If you don't go see the show, you won't be prepared for the coming Zombie Apocalypse.

Friday, May 20 - Battle of the Sexes at Flappers Burbank - 9:30 pm - $10 (Tickets) Tony Hinchcliffe vs Melissa Villasenor, Josh Adam Meyers vs Brittany Furlan, plus Jade Catta Preta and more!

 Weekend Comedy Road Trip!  The legendary Carl LaBove headlines Comedy Store La Jolla all weekend, with the hilarious Freddy Lockhart & Matt Knost.  That's a lot of bang for your buck - you pretty much get two headliners supporting an uber-headliner.  Get your tickets!

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie