Okay, back on the wagon and lots to see and do this week!

Monday, April 18 - Return of the Ding Dong Show!  

10 pm at the Comedy Store Belly Room, FREE

Have you missed them?  I have.  The Ding Dong Show returns to it's home Monday night with super special guest Scary Perry.  Don't miss it!

Tuesday, April 19 - Shawn Halpin 

8 pm at the Brea Improv, $12 (Tickets)

I <3 Shawn.  He's adorable and funny and mean and a great time to watch onstage.  Check him out down in Brea.  It's a beautiful club and always a good time.

Tuesday, April 19 - Comedy Basketball League

6:45 at Pan Pacific Park

If you don't know all about my current obsession, then you haven't been paying attention.  6 teams - all comedians, comedy writers and a few close friends (ringers!) - duke it out each week to win the coveted adult rec league trophy.

Wednesday, April 20 - Family Sandwich live

One of my favorite sketch groups - and not just because Jake Essoe & Eric Lombart are in it - of Hipster Shore fame will be performing live.  It's already sold out, just wanted to give them a shout out and congratulations.  Keep your eyes peeled and grab those tickets next time!

Thursday, April 21 - Conan Showcase

8:00 pm at Hollywood Improv, $14 (Tickets)

A lot of great young talent, including one of my absolute favorites - Melissa Villasenor! 

Friday, April 22 - Friday Night Live and The Original Room at The Comedy Store

Friday is my favorite comedy double-header.  Upstairs in the Belly Room, Friday Night Live presents some amazing developing talent and superstar pop ins (like Bill Burr & Sarah Silverman), then downstairs catch the heavyweights of the Comedy Store stable of Paid Regulars & make sure you Stay Til 2.

Saturdsay, April 23 - Mack Lindsay's Darkest Hour

10:00 pm The Belly Room at The Comedy Store

A raw, dark, honest amazing evening of comedy with some of my favorite comedians - Josh Adam Meyers, Rick Shapiro, Vitze Fluke and of coure Mack himself.



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