March Comedy Guide

Nevermind the sweaty teenagers competiting for some kind of basketball thingy, get out and laugh!


The Naughty Show: Naughty 20: St Phatty's Day

Thursday, March 17 10pm (Tickets)

Hollywood Improv

Don't sit in some "Irish" bar and  wake up the next day to find your Green Beer goggles have done you wrong.  Come hang out with the hottest porn stars, pole dancers and comedians at the Hollywood Improv.  Sam Tripoli serves as ringmaster for this variety show straight from Sodom & Gomorrah. Sketch comedy, stand-up, mind-blowing pole dancing, porn star fan mail, songs, videos and the Golden Schlong Award make this one of the most fun ways to spend a couple of hours with your clothes on.


Return of the Ding Dong Show!

The most brilliant piece of comedy meta theater you can see today.  Hand picked by the legendary Mitzi Shore for weekly performances in the Belly Room at the Comedy Store, they've been performing an an undisclosed location for a few months, but Big Powerful Dean has asked them back.  Keep your eye out for the triumphant return of this talk show/talent show/intervention.  In the meantime, check out Don Barris' secret message.


The Walsh Brothers Show

Saturday, March 26 midnight $5 (Tickets)

Sketch, videos, absurdity... its' hard to describe this free-wheeling crazymajig of a show. But I can tell you it's freakin hilarious and you should check it out for yourself.







Everyday Awesomeness

There's great comedy every day, check out these regular shows and great performers

Meltdown Show

Wednesdays 8:30 pm - $8

Meltdown Comics - 7522 Sunset (at Gardner) -

Nerd alert! Smart comedy from funny folks like Moshe Kasher, Kyle Kinane, Jackie Kashian, Rob Delaney and hosts Kumail Nanjiani and Jonah Ray. Hey, it's in the back of a comic book shop, what did you expect?

Joe Rogan & Friends

Every Wednesday 8 pm - $15

Sal's Comedy Hole -

Joe's made Sal's his new workout gym and he4's brought along all hsi friends - Joey Diaz, Brian Redban, Ari Shaffir, Doug benson and Sarah Silverman are just some of the guests on this intimate night.

The Mostly Normal Show

Every second Wednesday 10 pm - $5

Improv Comedy Lab (next door to the Hollywood Improv)

If you tossed Conan, YouTube, Digg and a stand-up show into a blender, this is what would come out.  Stand-up, videos, chat segments and more make this an entertaining night.

Comedy Juice at the Improv

Wednesdays, 10 pm - $14

Stellar lineup every week & bustling post-show bar scene. What to I mean by “stellar”? Well, how about Doug Benson, Joe Rogan, Bryan Callen, Nick Kroll, and Jeffrey Ross.


Barris Kennedy Overdrive

Nightly – Late Night at The Comedy Store

If you crossed Behind The Music, Spinal Tap and Milli Vanilli you still wouldn't have any idea of the awesomeness Don Barris has assembled as the nightly closing act, a band from Los Angeles, California called the Barris/Kenndey + Overdrive.  Between medleys of songs from KISS, Prince, NIN, Lady GaGa. OutKast and more, a picture of the history of the band emerges and you might even be invited to join them onstage as a backup dancer.

Potluck at The Comedy Store

Sunday & Mondays 7 pm – Free before 9

40 comics in one night? Yep, that's right. Starting at 7 pm with an open mic, followed by two hours of young comics doing 3 minute sets and ending with hours of pop-ins from folks like Ari Shaffir, Nick Youssef, Natasha Leggero, and Leslie Jones

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