Monday, March 21 What's Up Tiger Lily at Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill, 8 pm FREE Jesus, look at that lineup - Maria Bamford, Moshe Kasher, Ian Edwards, Kumail Nanjiani and hosted by the Walsh Brothers.  Sweet.

Tuesday, March 22 Therapy! at Blu Monkey, 8 pm FREE  The second installment of this new show features Rick Shapiro, Sam Tripoli, Jackie Kashian and more!  No drink minimum and bar specials until 11 pm.


Wednesday, March 23 Comedy Meltdown at Meltdown Comics, 8:30 pm $8 (Tickets)  For a while there, Meltdown was my go-to Wednesday night and it's lineups like this one that made it - Marc Maron, Tom Segura, Jen Kirkman, Dave Ross, special guests, free beer & food truck.  Good times.


Thursday, March 24  The Josh & Josh Show at Bar Lubitch,  8:30 pm FREE One of the most fun bar shows in Hollywood.  Guests like David Koechner, Jackie Kashian, Kyle Kinane and other great local talent.


Friday, March 25 Original Room at the Comedy Store, 9 pm $20 Fridays have had a lot of special drop-ins lately and here's a little hint, if you don't get a seat before it sells out, check out Friday Night Live in the Belly Room - often the soecial guests in the OR drop in on this showcase of up and comers.


Saturday, March 26 Walsh Brothers Show at UCB, Midnight, $5 (Reservations)  I love the Walsh Brothers show so much, I'll brave the ridiculous bureaucracy of UCB to see them - sketches, video, stand-up and absurdity abound.

Get out of Town!

If you want to roam away from LA, it's a good weekend to do it

Friday & Sat - Sam Tripoli and Jayson Thibault at The Comedy Store La Jolla (Tickets)  My favorite ninja joke slinger, Sam Tripoli, is complimented by the hilarious Jayson Thibault in my favorite SoCal room.  What could be better?

Saturday Comedy Night at Azul, Palm Springs, 7:30 pm $10 (Info)  This great show celebrates its one year anniversary with Eliot Chang, Jackie Monahan and Aiko Tanaka.

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