It's like Christmas in July - Naughty Show comes a week early this month and it's on St Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 17 - Naughty 20: St Phatty's Day - The Hollywood Improv, 10 pm - $14 (Tickets) Uh, seriously, is this your first visit to my site and/or planet earth?  I'm really not sure what else I can say about the awesomeness that is Naughty Show.  It's really hit its stride, with each show even better than the last - characters, sketches, pole dancing, porn stars, videos...

If you've got an appetite for more comedy all week, check out:

Tuesday, March 15 - Stand Up For Japan - The Laugh Factory, 8 pm - $20 (Tickets) Help victims of the tsunami just by laughing at Kevin Nealon, KT Tatara and more.

Wednesday, March 16 - Joe Rogan & Friends - Sal's Comedy Hole, 8 pm - $15 (Reservations)  Bret Ernst, Freddy Lockhart, Steve Rannazissi and Dug Benson join Joe for this weekly rock n roll comedy fest.

Friday, March 18 - Um, did I mention I'm going to Naughty Show on Thursday and you should too?  So, take Friday off to recover.

Saturday, March 19 - Bert Kreischer, Irvine Improv  8 & 10 pm - $20 (Tickets)  Did you know that Van Wilder was based on Bert's actual life?  Now he's a dad but he's still got crazy tales that will crack you up.


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