And it's holiday season, time to par-tay!  Skip your stupid office party and come get some laughs.

Monday I will be enjoying the Holiday Party at The Comedy Store, sorry it isn't open to the public, but you can get a taste of the action by coming to The Ding Dong Show in the Belly Room at 10 pm.  It's gonna rock AND IT"S FREE!!!

Tuesday head downtown for Holy Fuck with the amazing Brody Stevens.  Meds or no, he's still rocking the crowds and the rest of the lineup is pretty kickass, too! 9 pm at the Downtown Independent FREE (Info)

Wednesday my new favoritest show at The Laugh Factory is back - TJ Miller, Chelsea Peretti and Jerrod Charmichael are just the tip of the awesomeness iceberg on Dot Comedy.  10 pm (Info)  Though this show is MORE than worth the $15 admission, you can get free tickets by emailing nick AT and telling him I sent you.

Thursday head into the valley for Push Comedy with some amazing young talent like Melissa Villasenor, Esther Povitsky and Brett Gilbert. 8 pm at Push Lounge - FREE (Info)

Fridays have been PHENOMENAL in the Original Room of The Comedy Store lately - great lineups with Chris D'Elia, Steve Rannazzisi, Melissa Villasenor, Sarah Tiana, Nick Youssef and Justin Martindale... sick pop-ins like Russell Peters, Aries Spears and Chris Rock.. plus Don Barris and the Barris/Kennedy + Overdrive to close the show when you never know what'll happen.  Starts at 9 pm, goes until 2 am.  It's been selling out lately, so get there early... or drop by late. (Tickets)

Saturday the Hollywood Improv's got Russell Peters at 8 and 10 pm. (Tickets)

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