Winter (and I say this counts as winter - Jesus it's cold out) isn't known for being a time of new beginnings, but this week there's lots of cool young-ish shows on tap.

Monday Nov 7 - Stick with the evergreen favorite What's Up Tiger Lily at 8 pm at Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill (More Info) - JAM PACKED lineup with Maria Bamford, Kumail Nanjiani, Pete Holmes, Barry Rothbart, Rick Shapiro and a whole bunch more.

Tuesday Nov 8 - The relatively new Performance Anxiety at the Pleasure Chest keeps on rolling with Neal Brennan & Fortune Fiemster. 8 pm, $7 (inlcudes free beer) (More Info)

Wednesday Nov 9 The second edition of Dot Comedy with host Marc Maron has an insane lineup - Ari Shaffir, Brendon Walsh and Duncan Trussell are just the half of it. 10 pm - $15 (Tickets - try promo code "Maron")

Thursday Nov 10 Come out to MY brand new show!   If You Can Make It Here... Heckler Show at 7:30 pm in the Belly Room at the Comedy Store (More Info).  Killer hecklers Willie Hunter & Tony Hinchcliffe take on Sandro Iocalano, Steph Simbari, Stretch SHP, me and two surprise guest spots to be picked by raffle.  Come and heckle your favorite (or least favorite) comedians and not get kicked out!

Friday Nov 11 Catch Ari Shaffir's first time headlining the Hollywood Improv!  He'll be joined by the always hilarious Joey Coco Diaz, Kevin Christy, John Dore and Chris Milhouse.  8 pm, $18 (Tickets)

Friday & Sunday Catch Sam Tripoli, Steve Simeone & Eleanor Kerrigan at Comedy Store La Jolla (Tickets) - That's three kick-ass headliners packed into one show!


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