Welcome back for Thanksgiving!  Back to work, back to school and back to comedy!  Oh, but decisions, decisions.  Nearly every day this week has two amazing shows going on, so let's get to it.

Monday Check out What's Up Tiger Lily (Info) with Matt Brunger, Pete Holmes (whose podcast I am currently obsessed with), Barry Rothbart and the usual power packed lineup.

Tuesday How to choose? Maria Bamford, Anthony Jeselnik & TJ Miller at Performance Axiety (Info) or Eddie Peppitone & Kyle Kinane at THERAPY! (Info).

Wednesday's another toughie - head to Venice for Brody Stevens and Dave Ross on Venice Underground (Info) or stay in Hollywood for Comedy Juice with Marc Maron, TJ Miller and super special treat Bert Kreischer (Tickets)

Thursday there's no question it's The Naughty Show's first outing in the Main Room of The Comedy Store (Tickets) with Doug Benson, Dov Davidoff, Christina Pazitszky and - of course - Sam Tripoli & Jayson Thibault, porn stars, pole dancers and mayhem.

Friday I'm guessing there's a Deathsquad Show at the Ice House  - just hit up my first one last week, it's a rocking good time with guys & gals you know from the Deathsquad family of podcasts liek Tom Segura, Christina Pazitsky, Sam Tripoli, Jayson Thibault and Jade Cata Pretta. Follow @redban for updates.


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie