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AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Sorry guys, the beginning of April is always when the job that pays my rent and allows me to eat on a regular basis requires more of my time and attention than I even have to give.  So no picks for a little while, but stay tuned for some cool stuff about the Moontower Comedy Festival in about a week.

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Monday, March 25 - Keep It Clean's got a great lineup - Kevin Christy, Tony Sam, Emily Heller and Tony Hinchcliffe. Publick House, 10 pm FREE.

Tuesday, March 26 - Go make some middle aged couple shopping for dildos surprised and uncomfortable by watching Performance Anxiety at the Pleasure Chest.  TJ Miller, Hannibal Buress, John Roy and more. 8 pm, $7.

Wednesday, March 27 - Really good lineup on Comedy Juice this week - Owen Benjamin, Steve Byrne, Ari Shaffir and Hannibal Buress.  Hollywood Improv, 10 pm, $14 - Tix

Thursday, March 28  - The inaugural run on Van Jam with Natasha Leggero, Kyle Dunnigan, Ian Edwards and Zach Sherwin are part of this "cabaret style variety show". The Hollywood Improv, 10 pm, $10, but check out the Facebook event for free tickets.

Friday March 29 - Gi be a good person and help raise money for Jail Guitar Doors at Meltdown with Matt Dwyer, Neil Hamburger, Rob Delaney and Horatio Sanz. 8 pm, $10. Tix

Saturday, March 30 - Two very cool shows happening tonight.. and you can make it to both!

Set List is filming for it's Nerdist Channel series at 7 & 9 pm with a billion awesome people, including Joey Diaz, Fortune Feimster, TJ Miller, Todd Glass and Rory Scovel. Nerdmelt Theater, 7 pm, $8. Tix

Then stay up until midnight for The Walsh Brother Show, an awesome sketch/stand-up/video/whatever show at UCB. 11:30 pm - Info


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

And we all made it through St Patrick's Day with our livers (if not our dignity) intact.  The most embarrassing thing I did this weekend way buy "Number One Hits of the '90s" and I hope you can say the same.  So, now let's get back to laughing.

Tuesday, March 18 - Holy fuck, it's Pete Holmes at Holy Fuck! And there's some other people on the show, but what does it matter when Pete Holmes is there?  No, really, it's the standard strong HF lineup and no disrespect to them, just, c'mon.  Pete Holmes.  The Downtown Independent, 9 pm FREE (info)

Wednesday, March 19 - Usually, Wednesday is pretty much "Meltdown or Comedy Juice?" and there is a pretty sweet Nerdist Presents at the Meltdown.  Buuuut, for bang for your buck, I have to recommend dark horse MTV Comedy Showcase at the Laugh Factory. Kevin Christy, Tony Hinchcliffe, Ron Funches, Barabra Gray and more awesome folks.  8 pm, $15 (Tix)

Thursday, March 20 - The Super Serious Show is rocking with Tom Segura, Reggie Watts, Ian Edwards and The Walsh Brothers. Not to mention the usual music, food truck and free wine & beer.  Cafe Fais Do Do, 7 pm/8pm, $10 (Tix)

Friday, March 21 - So, for Friday, I'm going to recommend something different - go support one of the small clubs scattered around outside the shadow of the Big Three.  So, take your pick:

Jon Huck at Garrett Morris' Downtown Blues & Comedy Club. A rowdy, fun comedy show, backed by a blues band.  9 pm, $20 (tix)

Christina Pazsitsky at Flapper's Burbank.  Catch a real road headlining set from the co-host of Your Mom's House it the kitschy-beautiful '20s themed showroom. 8 pm, $20 (tix)

Eddie Ifft at The Ice House in Pasadena.  A sweet-ass comedy club tucked into downtown Pasadena.  They're so sweet, they want to warn you Eddie is R-Rated. 8:30 pm, $17.50 (Tix)

Saturday, March 22 - The Sklar Brothers headline The Hollywood Improv at 8 & 10 pm along with Kyle Dunnigan, Jen Murphy and Jerrod Carmichael. $20 (tix)

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

So you lost an hour of sleep on Sunday.. well, at least there's a lot of good comedy to make up for the remaining 167 hours this week!

Monday, March 11 - Check out the Belly Room at the Comedy Store for the Deathsquad Secret Show & The Ding Dong Show.  Two wildly unpredictable live podcasts.  This week's Deathquad panel includes Ian Edwards, Owen Smith, Redban, Jayson Thibault and more.  Then stick around for the Ding Dong Show, an awesomely crazy piece of comedy-musical meta-theater. 8 pm - FREE.

Tuesday, March 12 - Pink Taco on Sunset is the home to a new comedy night from Jay Davis (producer of the long-running popular Monday night show at The Parlor).  The inagural event is this week with Michael Kosta, Bret Ernst and Theo Von.  Free standing room entry, $25 table reservations. 8 pm.

Wednesday, March 13 - Check out Ghengis Cohen for Fahim Anwar, Brooks Wheelan  and Erin Foley. 8 pm FREE.

Thursday, March 14 - So, there are a TON of really really good shows on Thursday this week... but I had to go with The Improvised Stand Up Show because it's a favorite of so many comedians I know and this month's lineup is entirely made up of some of my absolute favoritest people - Ian Edwards, Steve Simeone, Jerrod Carmichael, Fahim Anwar, Jade Catta-Preta, Ahmed Baroocha & Omar Nava. 7:45 pm, Rant LA Theater, $8/dorr and only $5 pre-sale online.

Friday, March 15 - The Original Room at The Comedy Store is always a great bet for a friday night.  The show starts at 9 pm and runs all the way until 2 am, with continues headliners and lots of fun. 9 pm, $20. (Tickets)

Saturday, March 16 - Catch Greg Fitzsimmons with Andy Kindler and Jen Kirkman at  The Hollywood Improv. 8 pm & 10 pm, $20. (Tickets)


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

In like a lion, indeed... Still got a lot of cool folks from NYC in town, so check it out!

Monday, March 4 - What's Up Tiger Lily has a pretty kick-ass lineup tonight with Chelsea Peretti, Rory Scovel and James Adomian - Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill, 8 pm FREE (more info)

Tuesday, March 5 - Holy Fuck! is holy fucking awesome. Neal Brennan makes his first appearance at teh Downtown Independent, along with Nick Vatterott (who Angelinos will recognize from cool collaborations with TJ Miller, including Mash-Up) and the Most Wonderful Comedian We All Know Jerrod Carmichael.  The Downtown Independent, 9 pm FREE (more info)

Wednesday, March 6 - Damn, Comedy Juice has some of my most favoritest awesomest people!  Pete Holmes & Chris D'Elia are worth the admission on their own.  Plus, shout out to one of my favorite funny ladies, Candice Thompson. Hollywood Improv 10 pm, $14 - Tickets 

Thursday, March 7 - If you didn't catch D'Elia last night on Juice, check him out (along with some very sexy ladies, Andrew Santino, Christina Pazsitsky, Owen Smith  and of course Sam Tripoli) at The Naughty Show.  The Comedy Store, 9 pm, $8 Tickets

Friday, March 8 - Friday, I'm very torn... there's a show I know is great and s how I think will be pretty great... decisions, decisions.  The show I'm sure of is the Comedy Rap Battle - this is such a crazy fun show every time and I'm so excited that Brody Stevens is on the lineup. The Comedy Store, 8 pm, $10 Tickets 

The show I'm excited about but haven't ever seen before is The Friday Forty - basically a drunk comedy current events panel and Kyle Kinane is one of the guests.  Sign me up! Nerdmelt Theater, 9 pm Tickets

Saturday, March 9 - Well, I gave you two shows for Friday, so Saturday gets the shaft.  Go read a book or something!


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Monday, February 25 - The long-running Monday comedy night at The Parlor on Melrose in Hollywood boasts Erik Griffin, Eleanor Kerrigan, Kevin Christy and more. 9 pm FREE.

Tuesday, February 26 - Performance Anxiety has Natasha Leggero, TJ Miller, Maria Bamford, and Julian McCoullough. 8 pm, $7, Pleasure Chest West Hollywood.

Wednesday, February 27 - Jerrod Carmichael and Chelsea Peretti anchor a great lineup of Dot Comedy at the Laugh Factory. 10 pm, $17.

Thursday, February 28 - Impro(vs)tand-up - well, you know that I think there's no contest here, especially with Andrew Santino and Melissa Villasenor on the winning team.  But judge  for yourself. 7 pm, $8 at Nerdist Showroom.

Friday, March 1 - Check out the Original Room at the Comedy Store.  the Friday night lineup is always killer from start to finish. 9 pm, $20.

Saturday, March 2 - Head to the Hollywood Improv for the super awesome Moshe Kasher. 8 & 10 pm, $20. 

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

See kids, I didn't just forget my keys, I'm back.  Here's another week of tasty comedy goodness!  Guess what?  It's pilot season, so a bunch of New York guys are in town and will be for a little while, so take the chance to go out and expand your comedy horizons.

Monday, February 18 - Like your comedy with a side of drunk UCLA kids?  Then Dat Shit is for you.  The very funny Andy Haynes and Brent Morin are worth the onslaught of adolescent pheromones. Westwood Brewco, 10:30 pm, FREE.

Tuesday, February 19 - Brave the "cold" for one of the coolest shows in town, Comedy Night at Best Fish Taco, this time around with Neal Brennan, Kumail Nanjiani and Brooks Wheelan. 7:30 pm, FREE.

Wednesday, February 20 - This week's Meltdown Show is packed with some of my favorite people and some great East Coast visitors - Maria Bamford, Nick Youssef, Byron Bowers, Jared Logan, Dan St Germain and Bobcat Goldthwait. 8:30 pm, $8 - tickets.

Thursday, February 21 - Okay, it's not exactly sand-up, but I had such a great time watching the filming of The Jeselnik offensive last week, I highly recommend getting free tickets to the taping.

Friday, February 22 - John Roy is recording his album at the Nedmelt Showroom, with special guests James Adomian & Kyle Kinane.  9 pm, FREE with RSVP.

Saturday, February 23 - Yes! Posotivity! Brody Stevens headlines the Hollywood Improv.  8 pm, $18 - tickets.

Sunday, February 24 - Is your favorite part about awards shows the steady stream of snarky tweets from comedians? Well, if that's your thing, then you'll love Salute To Movie Night with Moshe Kasher, Jerrod Carmichael and dozens of other comedians riffing on the Oscars. 4 pm, The Echoplex, $15.


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Picks of the Week are Back!  Like the McRib, Picks of the Week disappeared for about a year for obscure, shadowy reasons.  And just like the McRib is back, so are POTW!  Have you missed me?  Did you wonder where the hell to go see great comedy during 2012?  Well, I'm so sorry to have abandoned you, my lovelies.  In honor of Valentines Day, here's my love letter to comedy & all of you.

Monday, February 11 - The lovely and multitalented Melissa Villasenor's one person show Melissa! has characters, music and comedy and is sure to be charming & entertaining.  Steve Allen Theater, 8 pm, $10.

Tuesday, February 12 - Holy Fuck!  Just off a series of great album recordings, this downtown mainstay isn't resting on its laurels.  This week features Byron Bowers, Dan St Germain and, of course, founder Dave Ross (btw, check out his recent appearance on The CrabFeast, it's awesome!).  The Downtown Independent, 9 pm, FREE.

Wednesday, February 13 - Dot Comedy has a super strong lineup, staying true to its goal to bring "alt" comedy to the club, Chris D'Elia, Moshe Kasher, Andrew Santino, Dave Ross and Goatface's Hasan Minaj.  Laugh Factory, 10 pm, $17 online/$20 at the door (2 drink min)

Thursday, February 14 - Happily coupled, superly single or bitterly cursing Hallmark today?  There'll be something for whatever your situation is at Improvided Stand-Up with Ari Shaffir, Neal Brennan, Theo Von, Rick Glassman and more.  The Little Modern Theater, 7:45 pm, $8.

Friday, February 15 - I love him, and here's your chance to fall in love with Andrew Santino, too!  He's headlining the early show at the Improv.  8 pm, $18.

Saturday, February 16 - Aw c'mon, it's pretty hard to beat Saturday night in the Main Room. 14 amazing comedians doing 15 minute sets, and the legendary "Kinison set" to end the night - one comedian with the freedom to just keep going until he's walked the entire room. 9 pm, $20.

Sunday, February 17 - Hey Buddy takes its sophomore outing seriously with Bobcat Goldthwait, Steve Agee, Chelsea Peretti and Kyle Kinane.  Bootleg Bar, 7:30 pm, FREE.

Whew, well, that should be enough to keep you kids out of trouble for one week, right?



AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Whether you're still in LA, far from family, or want to escape them, get some holiday themed laughs through the end of the year.


Stephen Glickman's Christmas Spectacular at the Hollywood Improv Friday, Dec 23rd, 8 pm (Tickets)  Glickman is joined by Sam Tripoli, Brad Williams and a stable of other funny folks so you can get your laugh on before you have to go sleep in your childhood twin bed.

32nd Annual, FREE Christmas Day Feast at The Laugh Factory - Comedy, Turkey & trimmings at 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm.

A Very Merry Jewish Christmas at The Comedy Store Sunday, Dec 15th 9 pm (Tickets).  Join Jew comics Ari Shaffir, Jeff Garlin, Sandy Danto & Moshe Kasher plus some terrorist hipsters (Nick Youssef), ladies (Jodi Miller) and black guys (Byron Bowers) for good measure.  And fittingly, there's chinese food included in the ticket.

New Year's Eve

Joe Rogan at the Hollywood Improv (Tickets)  Dinner, champagne and comedy begin at 7 pm and go well past the midnight toast.

New Year's Eve at The Comedy Store Choose the Main Room (Tickets) or the Original Room (Tickets) for laughter, insanity and a midnight champagne toast!

The In-Between

Tuesday, Dec 27  The sexiest comedy show on Sunset - Performance Anxiety at the Pleasure Chest, 8 pm.  This time around TJ Miller & Eli Olsberg welcome Margaret Cho, Jackie Kashian and a host of great young comedians.

Wednesday, Dec 28 Time again for Dot Comedy the best show at the Laugh Factory (IMHO) - this time around host Pete Holmes is joined by Ari Shaffir, Kumail Nanjiani and more.

Thursday, Dec 29 Hey, it's my show!!  The Heckler Show in the Belly Room at 7:30 pm.  Willie Hunter, Julia LoVetere, Nicole Schreiber and more give as good as they get in this comedy free for all.



AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

And it's holiday season, time to par-tay!  Skip your stupid office party and come get some laughs.

Monday I will be enjoying the Holiday Party at The Comedy Store, sorry it isn't open to the public, but you can get a taste of the action by coming to The Ding Dong Show in the Belly Room at 10 pm.  It's gonna rock AND IT"S FREE!!!

Tuesday head downtown for Holy Fuck with the amazing Brody Stevens.  Meds or no, he's still rocking the crowds and the rest of the lineup is pretty kickass, too! 9 pm at the Downtown Independent FREE (Info)

Wednesday my new favoritest show at The Laugh Factory is back - TJ Miller, Chelsea Peretti and Jerrod Charmichael are just the tip of the awesomeness iceberg on Dot Comedy.  10 pm (Info)  Though this show is MORE than worth the $15 admission, you can get free tickets by emailing nick AT and telling him I sent you.

Thursday head into the valley for Push Comedy with some amazing young talent like Melissa Villasenor, Esther Povitsky and Brett Gilbert. 8 pm at Push Lounge - FREE (Info)

Fridays have been PHENOMENAL in the Original Room of The Comedy Store lately - great lineups with Chris D'Elia, Steve Rannazzisi, Melissa Villasenor, Sarah Tiana, Nick Youssef and Justin Martindale... sick pop-ins like Russell Peters, Aries Spears and Chris Rock.. plus Don Barris and the Barris/Kennedy + Overdrive to close the show when you never know what'll happen.  Starts at 9 pm, goes until 2 am.  It's been selling out lately, so get there early... or drop by late. (Tickets)

Saturday the Hollywood Improv's got Russell Peters at 8 and 10 pm. (Tickets)

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Picks of the week are here!  Very cool week ahead, and it's my birthday on Thursday!

Also exciting, I've got FREE Tickets to Fresh Faces (Info) at the Laugh Factory on Wed.  Email with your name and the size of your group for FREE tickets.  Featuring great young comedians like Josh Adam Meyers & Jen Murphy, plus the god damn amazing Brody Stevens as the headliner.

And so now, The Picks...

Monday the always spectacular What's Up Tiger Lily (Info) has Brody Stevens, Myq Kaplan and a jam-packed lineup as usual. 8 pm at Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill - FREE!

Tuesday night, another perennial favorite Holy Fuck! (Info) is headlined by one of my new favorites, Jen Kirkman, and also has Byron Bowers & Michael Kosta on the bill. 9 pm at the Downtown Independant - FREE!

Wednesday is this month's edition of Ari Shaffir's Storyteller series This Is Not Happening.  In honor of the holidays (not really. maybe?), Steve Rannazzisi, Russell Peters and Marc Maron will be sharing the hilarious and/or very very sad stories of losing their virginity.  8 pm at The Hollywood Improv (Tickets) - only $5

Thursday is My Birthday so of course I'm having a comedy show with Jayson Thibault, Justin Martindale, Tony Hinchcliffe, Dan Madonia and Julia LoVetere.  And grinders, there's an open mic starting at 11, but get there earlier if you want the free food (I know you do).  8:30 pm at Red Rock Bar - FREE (Info)

Friday hit up The Original Room at the Comedy Store.  Fridays always have an amazing lineup with 16 national headliners like Chris D'Elia, Steve Rannazzisi, Melissa Villasenor, Brody Stevens and Don Barris.  Plus, you never know who'll pop in - Russell Peters, Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, Andrew Dice Clay and Chris Rock have all stopped by recently. 9 pm-2am, $15 (Tickets)

Saturday catch the hilarious Al Madrigal at the Hollywood Improv. 8 & 10 pm, $18 (Tickets)

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Welcome back for Thanksgiving!  Back to work, back to school and back to comedy!  Oh, but decisions, decisions.  Nearly every day this week has two amazing shows going on, so let's get to it.

Monday Check out What's Up Tiger Lily (Info) with Matt Brunger, Pete Holmes (whose podcast I am currently obsessed with), Barry Rothbart and the usual power packed lineup.

Tuesday How to choose? Maria Bamford, Anthony Jeselnik & TJ Miller at Performance Axiety (Info) or Eddie Peppitone & Kyle Kinane at THERAPY! (Info).

Wednesday's another toughie - head to Venice for Brody Stevens and Dave Ross on Venice Underground (Info) or stay in Hollywood for Comedy Juice with Marc Maron, TJ Miller and super special treat Bert Kreischer (Tickets)

Thursday there's no question it's The Naughty Show's first outing in the Main Room of The Comedy Store (Tickets) with Doug Benson, Dov Davidoff, Christina Pazitszky and - of course - Sam Tripoli & Jayson Thibault, porn stars, pole dancers and mayhem.

Friday I'm guessing there's a Deathsquad Show at the Ice House  - just hit up my first one last week, it's a rocking good time with guys & gals you know from the Deathsquad family of podcasts liek Tom Segura, Christina Pazitsky, Sam Tripoli, Jayson Thibault and Jade Cata Pretta. Follow @redban for updates.


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie


Aunt Mildred driving you crazy?  Escape your family and let it out at the Heckle Show.  Mat Edgar, Benji Aflalo, Dan Madonia, Sandro Iocalano, Casey Blasham, Stretch SHP, Bobby Maidt, Katie Manzella & Amy Hawthorne (me!) sling fire at each other and you can too - guaranteed to be way funnier than the fight you could be having with racist Uncle Harrold.

7:30 pm - Belly Room at The Comedy Store

Once again, we'll be raffling off surprise guest spots to any comedian in attendance until Uncle Levi kicks us out.


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

This is one of those weeks where there's all kinds of GREAT stuff going on... and like 99% of it is at the same time so instead of the usual daily picks, I'm just gonna throw the Wednesday awesomeness kitchen sink at you.

Wed, Nov 16

The Meltdown (Tickets) 8:30 pm $8 - Jonah and Kumail give the reigns over to Pete Holmes for the night with Brendon Walsh, James Adomian and Chelsea Peretti.

Comedy Night at Residuals (More Info) 9 pm FREE This is one of my favorite monthly bar shows to watch or perform on.  Be part of the fun, friendly crowd for Jayson Thibault, Melissa Villasenor, Adam Ray and host Talia Harari.

Dot Comedy at the Laugh Factory (Tickets) 10 pm $15/2 drinks (Hey, Fans of CG can get on the FREE VIP Guest List by emailing Round 3 of this AMAZING new show (read my take on last week's extravaganza)  Marc Maron hosts TJ Miller, Natasha Leggero and Deon Cole.

Comedy Juice at the Improv (Tickets) 10 pm $14/2 drinks  The packed lineup of  Ahmed Ahmed, Brendon Walsh, Adam Ray & Theo Von is sure to get even better with amazing pop-ins (Chris Rock, David Spade, Daniel Tosh and Dave Attell have all dropped by the Improv recently)

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

Winter (and I say this counts as winter - Jesus it's cold out) isn't known for being a time of new beginnings, but this week there's lots of cool young-ish shows on tap.

Monday Nov 7 - Stick with the evergreen favorite What's Up Tiger Lily at 8 pm at Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill (More Info) - JAM PACKED lineup with Maria Bamford, Kumail Nanjiani, Pete Holmes, Barry Rothbart, Rick Shapiro and a whole bunch more.

Tuesday Nov 8 - The relatively new Performance Anxiety at the Pleasure Chest keeps on rolling with Neal Brennan & Fortune Fiemster. 8 pm, $7 (inlcudes free beer) (More Info)

Wednesday Nov 9 The second edition of Dot Comedy with host Marc Maron has an insane lineup - Ari Shaffir, Brendon Walsh and Duncan Trussell are just the half of it. 10 pm - $15 (Tickets - try promo code "Maron")

Thursday Nov 10 Come out to MY brand new show!   If You Can Make It Here... Heckler Show at 7:30 pm in the Belly Room at the Comedy Store (More Info).  Killer hecklers Willie Hunter & Tony Hinchcliffe take on Sandro Iocalano, Steph Simbari, Stretch SHP, me and two surprise guest spots to be picked by raffle.  Come and heckle your favorite (or least favorite) comedians and not get kicked out!

Friday Nov 11 Catch Ari Shaffir's first time headlining the Hollywood Improv!  He'll be joined by the always hilarious Joey Coco Diaz, Kevin Christy, John Dore and Chris Milhouse.  8 pm, $18 (Tickets)

Friday & Sunday Catch Sam Tripoli, Steve Simeone & Eleanor Kerrigan at Comedy Store La Jolla (Tickets) - That's three kick-ass headliners packed into one show!


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie